Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking Dead is a TV Show* About Zombies

The TV show still hasn't got a release date for Australia, despite the first season finished in it's overseas markets, and the DVD released.  It shouldn't be too long now though.**

The pacing for Walking Dead is fantabulous.  Of course the content is too, but it is the timing of events, scene changes, exposition, flashback, that maintains the tension. While the zombies are amazingly realistic and chilling, the 'point' of the show is the character interaction, the 'drama,' and that too is wrenching and beautiful.  A great TV show if you're not into zombies, an amazing one if you are.  Please let this come to Australia soon.  And if it does, please watch it.

Related Book:  Would have to be The Walking Dead comic collection by Robert Kirkman and Artist Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.
Related IF Game:  Divis Mortis by Lynnea Dally.

*  Don't hurt me.  For fans of the comic I do realise that, first and foremost, it was a comic book, but I haven't read it (yet) and so can not comment.  I don't read many comics, but considering the awards and positive reviews this one's received I may make an exception.  What's putting me off is how scary it's meant to be.

**  I'm not sure what the delay was, people seem to blaming, by turns, AMC (the original network), Fox, and The Walking Dead creators.  I'm not sure that's fair though.  It may bet the Australian networks.  They have been burnt a little lately with the whole simultaneous release thing - remember Fringe?

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